About ME...

I’ve been married since 1986 and a mother of 3 amazing kids (one in the Marine Corps. My family is a vital part of my life. My father and sister live close by.  My mother has passed away since this picture was taken but I leave it on in memory of her.


Prior to having my kids I worked in the mortgage banking business as a loan processor and a share draft specialist at a Credit Union.  I found the banking business fascinating so transitioning into Real Estate was a good fit for me.

I chose Keller Williams Realty because of their philosophy of serving people first and foremost with honor and integrity. They truly have the best interests of the client in mind. This appealed to me since I absolutely love helping people.  Therefore I have 2 top goals I commit to give you as a Real Estate consultant:

**Excellent Customer service equally for all my clients no matter what your price range which includes constant communication with weekly updates and instant client access to all my daily activities so you know I'm working for you consistently.

**Marketing that helps you find and/or sell your home as quickly as the market will allow me too by using extensive web tools and programs placing my business on the cutting edge of technology. 


Carol Castillo [email protected] Direct: 615.397.0248    Office: 615.778.1818    Fax: 615.690.8592